Apply SSL certificates to LogRhythm Web UI / Console


  • Windows Certificate already generated
  • OpenSSL for Windows available Download
  • Working Directory is set to C:\CertWork
  • Copy OpenSSL to the Working Directory.

Export the Windows certifcate you generated to the Working Directory.

  • Export with Private Key, enter a password, this will be stripped off in a later step as LogRhythm does not support a password protected cert.
  • Export as PKCS #12 and make sure “Include all certificates in the certification path if possible” is checked.
  • Name the exported file my_cert.pfx

    Extract the certficate and key from the PFX file with OpenSSL.

    Open a command prompt and execute the following commands from the Working Directory

  • openssl pkcs12 -in my_cert.pfx -nocerts -out private_key.pem -nodes

  • openssl pkcs12 -in my_cert.pfx -nokeys -out public_key.pem

  • openssl rsa -in private_key.pem -out raw.key

    Open the LogRhythm Configuration Manager on your Web UI/Console system and insert the certs.

  • Under the “SSL Public Key” section, click Choose File and open C:\CertWork\public_key.pem

  • Under the “SSL Private Key” section, click Choose File and open C:\CertWork\private_key.pem

  • Click Save.

    Restart the LogRhythm Web Console UI service.

Save the generated files and PFX file someplace for safekeeping.